My Research

I am a qualitative researcher with interests in people’s “lived experiences” in online environments. My research interests combine elements from information science, human information behaviour, digital and online communications, and social media use.

Below are links to my current research projects and my PhD work. You can find research outputs from this work on my publications page.

Current projects:

DISIPRAC: Digital identity security information practices of citizens

This work is funded by a research development grant at Edinburgh Napier University with Peter Cruickshank, my colleague in the Centre for Social Informatics, as PI. Through this work, we are investigating the security information practices associated with digital identity, in particular, the sharing of log-in details and to develop the concept of “social proxies” for managing digital identities. [more]

TAPESTRY: Trust, Authentication and Privacy over a DeCentralised Social Registry

The aim of the project is to investigate, develop, and demonstrate new ways to enable people, businesses and services to connect safely online, exploiting the complex “tapestry” of multi-modal signals woven by their everyday digital interactions. 

For this research, I am working with Professor Wendy Moncur at the University of Dundee. My role is to run two qualitative studies looking at different aspects of determining trust in online environments. [more]

Social media by proxy: Strategies for managing the online profiles of adults with dementia

This research is funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland with Dr Gemma Webster as the Principal Investigator (PI). For this work, we are investigating the lived experiences of people who act as “social media proxies” for adults with dementia in their care. [more]

PhD research:

Reputation management in a digital world: The role of online information in the building, management, and evaluation of personal reputations

This work is concerned with the role of online information in the creation, building, and evaluation of personal reputations. In this context, the term “personal reputation” refers to the reputation of private individuals rather than corporate identity and brand. [more]

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